About Buskirk Solutions

Based in Indiana, Buskirk Solutions was founded by Linda Buskirk in 2004 to serve organizations that benefit society by creating social profit (more typically known as “not-for-profit” agencies). Because all good works deserve excellent leadership, vision, strategic focus and resources, Buskirk Solutions soon extended its capacity-building services to communities of faith.

Buskirk Solutions provides capital campaign services to congregations as a partner of Core Capital Campaigns, a collaboration of Linda Buskirk and two other experienced capital campaign consultants who worked previously for the Episcopal Church Foundation, as did Linda from 2009 to 2020.

About Linda Buskirk

Linda Buskirk is passionate about helping others succeed. Her purpose-driven work is enhanced by listening and facilitation skills honed through diverse professional experience in corporate and community leadership, teaching, and congregational consulting. Using an appreciative approach, Linda enjoys helping clients identify strategic direction and strengthen their capacity to achieve amazing impact. She has served more than 100 agencies and congregations in Indiana, the Midwest and beyond.

Linda developed “Ten Traits of a Terrific Board Member” to teach about governance responsibilities. Writing on topics regarding strategic visioning, stewardship, and the capital campaign process, Linda remains a regular contributor to the Episcopal Church Foundation’s Vital Practices blog.