Board Governance Coaching and Workshops

Wherever your passion lies – feeding the hungry, caring for the lonely, insuring beauty in the world – there is an agency that needs you as a terrific board member.” - from Ten Traits of a Terrific Board Member by Linda Buskirk

In the social profit sector, the leadership role of the board of directors is so important it is considered a “capacity factor” for the organization. Buskirk Solutions board governance coaching and workshops are designed to develop terrific board members who take their work seriously while joyfully reflecting their passion for the mission of the agency they lead. The result: improved internal effectiveness and increased external awareness and support. That’s capacity building! It also yields great personal rewards for the terrific board member who witnesses tangible results from his/her service.

To learn more and explore possibilities, contact Buskirk Solutions. She will listen and then create a coaching, training or workshop proposal customized to your social profit’s culture, needs and timeline.

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