Solutions for Not-for-profits

Consulting for Not-for-Profits (known here as Social Profits!)

“Not-for-profit” is a legal term for organizations created to benefit society, rather than to make a profit for owners. Ahh, but there IS a profit… a social profit in which we all share. Buskirk Solutions prefers the term Social Profit to categorize these very special clients whose existence brings hope, seeks justice, creates beauty, inspires joy, and saves and serves in thousands of other ways. Using an appreciative approach, Buskirk Solutions customizes each engagement to meet the needs and culture of each client served.

Learn more about the services Buskirk Solutions provides to Social Profits by clicking on each link below:

Strategic Visioning/Planning

Customized Leadership/Board Retreats

Board Governance Coaching and Workshops

To learn more and explore possibilities, contact Buskirk Solutions. She will listen and then create a coaching, training or workshop proposal customized to your social profit’s culture, needs and timeline.